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Drew miller online psychotherapist in london

I worked for three years at Kings College Hospital London, Caldecot Clinic, an NHS psychosexual service for women and men providing psychological help for sexual and relationship problems. Working in Residential and Community services, including drug and alcohol services, as a Senior Practitioner for 15 years before concentrating on my private practice in the last few years.

I have experienced a rich and varied life. I trained as a Sculptor in London. After exploring Europe and the USA I moved to Dartmouth in Devon and lived on an old sailing yacht. I have also enjoyed life working on the land as a farmer in Devon and Dorset. In midlife I settled down as a Director/Partner in an Art Consultancy, Peter Millard and Partners in West London.

Later in life, I was drawn to become a Psychotherapist and find immense fulfillment working with adults from varied backgrounds and experiences. 

Help with Life and EMDR

I have found that EMDR helps clients quickly resolve traumatic experiences. ‘Large T’ trauma can often be resolved after a few sessions. For ‘small t’ trauma we would work together to understand and map the past challenges in your life and then agree on where to start. With EMDR we always begin with creating a sense of stability and ensure you have sufficient internal resources which we build together as we prepare the way forward.

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