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A common view of therapy is that it is painful and difficult. Of course if we are in touch with our feelings these can be sad, angry, anxious etc, but we can also have a lighter touch while maintaining strong secure boundaries. “The whole endeavor of therapy is fun and play rather than work – hopefully motivated by curiosity rather than fear”. Ron Kurtz​
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Get past your past
The problem with PTSD is not in the past , that’s the past, but in the way it affects us now. Working with me, can you accept that for the purposes of therapy every distressing feeling or thought represents a communication from a younger part looking for an adultier adult in the present?​
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Be Yourself
Whenever I have been scared of something – especially public speaking and the like – someone always says “just be yourself!” Great advice but hard to follow sometimes. Why is this?​

To free us from the expectations of others, to give us back to ourselves – there lies the great, singular power of self-respect.
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Sometimes we sense something needs to change in our lives.

Sometimes we’re not sure what it is or how to find help and make it better. Changing seems difficult and we feel stuck.

How counselling can help?

I believe therapy works because someone is there for you without judgement. As a counselor I am here to collaborate with you to explore your hopes and fears and help with life.

My job is to help you make sense of what’s going on for you and between us see whats happening then find a way forward to feel better about yourself and your life.

I believe our so called imperfections and differences describe our uniqueness and the pathway toward the courage to be who we really are.

Here are some difficulties for which I have helped my clients:

Couples and relationships – for partnership difficulties and/or difficulty coping with a break up, affairs or separation.

Trauma and surviving abuse – physical and emotional.

Sexual difficulties – for both individuals and couples.

Worry and stress – maybe in relationships at home or at work.

Anger – resentment, jealousy.

Dependencies – on alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling.

Self acceptance – feeling inadequate, low self confidence.

Grief, loss and bereavement – Many of these issues can often be resolved within a few months depending upon the focus of the difficulty. 

If you feel desperate now you should see your GP as soon as possible and you can call the Samaritans 24 hours.

Trauma & EMDR

Shock or large T trauma involves a sudden threat that is perceived by the central nervous system as overwhelming and/or life threatening. It is a single episode traumatic event. Examples include car accidents, violence, surgery, natural disasters. EMDR is a proven and extremely successful treatment for single event trauma.

Sexual Problems

Sex is usually a private issue and it can be difficult to imagine talking to someone about sexual difficulties. I have trained with The College of Sexual and Relationship Therapy (COSRT). I also worked for 3 years at the Caldecot Clinic, Kings College Hospital for the NHS.

Compulsive Behaviour

When does compulsion to use drugs, alcohol, gamble, have sex, watch porn etc etc become wrong bad shameful terrible must stop... The answer is in fact entirely open to our own perception of the situation.


Anger is a very powerful driving human emotion. In it’s most healthy form it can be protective for others and ourself. It can motivate us to ‘change the world’ and fight unfairness and inequality.


Old or young we can fall in love and settle down to spend time living together to build an intimate, loving relationship. Then one day we realize we've become confused about what we want from our relationship and where it's going.


Anxious worried stressed tense – all ways of describing a more or less state of fearfulness. Many psychologists consider OCD and Phobia also as part of the spectrum of ‘anxiety disorders’.

Help with Life Counselling

Discover how Psychotherapy and EMDR can help you.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, I have been successfully working with clients online. Please get in touch if you would like to arrange an appointment or an initial discussion. You can also read about my confidentiality agreement here.


Before therapy with Drew I had never heard of EMDR, but when he described it, and said it could be helpful for getting over childhood traumas and emotional neglect, I decided to try it. I found it almost miraculously effective even from the first session - somehow the traumas I experienced in childhood lost their power to cause me anxiety in the present. Old memories and flashbacks faded away, and I became able to put the past into a new and more realistic perspective. It was such an amazingly powerful process to go through.


Thank you for everything Drew you will always be very special to me. I’m especially grateful to have your encouragement and support in my current journey – without you it may not be happening


Finally we wanted to thank you for all that you did for us at what was a very difficult time in our relationship. The support and advice that you provided to us was invaluable and we will always be immensely grateful for your help.

E & J

I was thinking about life now and how I accept every single bit of it’s beauty and horror equally these days…..and then remembered how much you helped me. So I thought to my self: “tell him!” Just in case you ever wonder (like we all do) if you were any good! ☺ You were so good. So there.


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