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I understand that Drew Miller works within ethical guidelines as laid down by his member organisation. (BACP + COSRT)

I understand that Drew Miller will keep brief records of my sessions and these will be confidential. These case notes cannot be accessed by others except by the order of a court of law to enable legal scrutiny for mutual safety. (Also see ethical guidelines available on the BACP and COSRT websites.)

I understand that Drew Miller attends clinical supervision with a BACP, UKCP or COSRT accredited supervisor to monitor his work and that this is confidential between his supervisor and himself alone. Only first names are used. This includes an EMDR accredited Consultant for EMDR work.

I understand that Drew Miller will not undertake to hold information that is detrimental or dangerous to a third party, or me. He will inform me if he is going to break confidentiality.

I understand that I must not attend therapy under the influence of non-prescribed drugs or alcohol and that the session may be terminated if I arrive in a condition that is not conducive to the therapeutic process.

I understand that my appointments are held for me and that non-attendance without 36 hours notice will still incur paying the full fee.

I understand that Drew Miller may terminate the therapy with one month’s notice and if possible I must also give one months’ notice of termination to any agreed time frame for the work.

It is important that we meet on time for our sessions. Sessions are usually 50 minutes, however for EMDR sessions I allow up to 60 minutes. Cost for both is £70 unless otherwise agreed. Fees are payable by internet transfer and an invoice/receipt will be sent to you after your sessions either weekly or monthly as you prefer. There is no charge for assessment sessions for which I allow 80 minutes. This initial session is an opportunity for all of us to explore your needs and decide whether I can help. We can review this at regular intervals.

Online guidelines

As we will be meeting online it is important that you have a completely safe private space to talk from. It’s also important to have reliable Wifi if possible. A tablet, laptop or desktop is ideal rather than a mobile.

I have read and understood this contract.

Counsellor: Drew Miller